85, Sudan St., 2nd Floor , Flat 202, Dokki. Giza ,Egypt
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Great technology is always
based on perfect relationships.

We take pleasure in Introducing Marhaba Impex, a Business resourcing firm based in Cairo,heart of Egypt, city of the great pyramids formed on the glorious Nile.

Marhaba Impex is a mature Trading Company with a wide outreach which through its
worldwide suppliers, International customers and Intercontinental liaison offices, is capableof successfully catering to the diversified needs of our clients..

About us

Mission at


Our mission at MARHABA IMPEX is to be the partner of choice for the supply of Egyptian Food Products to our clients in Middle East and Africa. We make tailored and well suited brands for our customers needs and encourage them to develop newer product brands for their distributors and retailers worldwide. We work closely with our supply partners to offer our overseas clients unmatched and exceptional support and service by providing them with the widest range of export products available in Egypt.

Vision of


Our vision is to be the leading Foodstuff Exporter of Egypt for our clients in Middle East and Africa by using our strong market presence, knowledge and expertise to deliver a wide variety of brands and products. With a commitment to excellence in everything we do, we will strive to deliver the Best Value to all our Stakeholders by using our global connections to match their requirements in a protable and sustainable manner.

The history of dynamic and progressive thinking

85, Sudan St., 2nd Floor , Flat 202, Dokki. Giza ,Egypt

+202 37496527 +202 33385053

marhaba.impex@gmail.com marhabaimpex.export@gmail.com

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